Nanoblock Sydney Harbour Bridge

SKU: 448559

A great gift for girls and boys, loved by teenagers and adults, these micro-sized building blocks are the coolest! Providing amazing detail that larger blocks are unable to express, the smallest nano block measures at just 4mm x 4mm. If you are looking for incredible toys in Australia then check out the cool puzzle games on offer from Nanoblocks.

The Nanoblock Sydney Harbour Bridge is a brilliant desk accessory or birthday present for anyone who enjoys puzzles, construction sets, or a fun challenge! The small building blocks are accompanied by detailed instructions and spare nanoblocks – always handy!

NanoBlocks are more than a puzzle, they’re a work of art. This Sydney Harbour Bridge model is the perfect addition to any room, desk or bench space. Activities and games for kids, or a great desktop gadget for adults and teenagers. Everyone loves Nanoblocks!

  • Specifications

    200-550 miniature lego pieces.

    Construction can take between 20 - 60 minutes to complete.

    Cool puzzles and games for kids and teenagers.

    NanoBlock sites to see.

    Ages: 8+ 

    SKU 448559
    Brand Nanoblock